Three Simple Tips for Pairing Food and Wine



A former sergeant with the New York Police Department, Joseph Sordi currently works as managing director for Strategic Security, a security guard and risk management company. Outside of work, Joseph Sordi is a wine enthusiast who enjoys learning about wine pairing. If you are new to the art of pairing food and wine, or interested in learning more, try these three tips to make your next pairing a success.

1. Let outstanding wine take over. While the goal of pairing is typically for the wine and food to work in unison to create something greater than their individual parts, that can be tricky when you’ve got a bottle of fine wine, aged to perfection. Consider instead pairing it with a simple dish that, while complimentary, takes a backseat. Lightly seasoned meat with steamed vegetables may seem simple, but a complicated dish may end up working against the wine.

2. Consider the region. Food and drink from the same region often share a special relationship, because over time cooks have designed dishes to go with the wine or vintners have created wines to complement specific dishes. For example, the French Burgundy region’s coq au vin works well with wine from the same area.

3. When in doubt, go with pinot noir. Wine author and expert Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl advises that pinot noir goes well with many foods thanks to its light-medium body. While white wine is typically lighter and red wine heavier, pinot noir enjoys a comfortable middle ground, making it work with a wide variety of dishes.


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