Three Types of Services Offered by Strategic Security Corp

Strategic Security Corp pic
Strategic Security Corp

Joseph Sordi brings 20 years of experience in law enforcement to his role as the managing director of Strategic Security Corp (SSC). In this position, Joseph Sordi is responsible for the oversight of a risk management firm that offers many different kinds of services to clients across a variety of industries.

SSC provides professionals to help businesses handle the following situations.

1. Retail security – Storefronts that wish to take an extra step toward protecting customers and merchandise can hire SSC to monitor and enforce security protocol during or after business hours. Loss prevention, customer and employee escort, and after-hours alarm callouts are just a few of the tasks that SSC professionals undertake for stores of all sizes, from boutiques to nationwide chains.

2. Executive protection – Individuals of high net worth often face personal safety risks that others never need to consider. SSC offers inconspicuous safety services for clients of this nature in both a personal and professional capacity. Company professionals are able to protect clients in public as well as private with little impact on the normalcy of daily life.

3. Labor or civil unrest – Businesses or events that attract the ire of large, ideological groups can pose a significant security risk. In these instances, SSC is able to gather intelligence on behalf of clients in order to prevent violence, as well as provide unarmed security for enhanced protection.